Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Back seat chilling

I'm sitting in the back seat of my brother's car headed back to New York. I spent the last 12 days in Newport, RI on a vacation I didn't know I needed. Now I'm headed back to reality...the reality of job hunting and more job hunting.

Friday, October 24, 2008

One Month Later...

So much has happened, yet I'm in the same place I was a month ago (more on that another day). I've been in Rhode Island for the past week and am loving it! It hasn't gotten cold yet, so I can still go out during the day and enjoy the autumn air, the changing leaves, the wharf in downtown Newport and the beach. I have taken a trip to the water almost everyday I've been here. It never gets old.

I haven't felt so centered...dare I say...normal...since I moved to NYC. I have a new appreciation for the life I left behind. It doesn't mean I'm headed back to the west coast. I love being close to my family too much. But I am considering a compromise.

Stay tuned...