Thursday, February 12, 2009

I will always be a New Yorker...

After 1 year and 8 months of New York City living, I'm moving on. Next stop, Durham, NC. The home of my father. I'll be moving in 2 weeks and get more and more excited about it each day. I went for a visit last week and was amazed at how much I enjoyed the absence of noise. I got to meet my new niece & my new boss. I enjoyed the company of family and friends. And I hated to leave. But it's okay, because I'm going back really soon.

When I first moved to San Diego, I asked a friend how long she thought I would stay. Her guess was 4 years - I stayed 6. If anyone asked how long I planned on staying in New York, my answer was that I planned on growing old and dying here. I'm not so sure of that anymore. I won't even venture to guess how long I'll be in NC.

In my heart, I'll always be a New Yorker. Though not a stereotypical New Yorker, I'll always have a bit of an edge about me. I will ALWAYS love the Yankees, Times Square and Central Park. I'll miss dropping by my parents' house, showing visiting friends around town, and "hanging in" with my brother/roomie. Luckily, I have reasons to come back regularly. NYC has a special place in my heart. I will miss it, but am not all that sad to say good-bye.