Favorite Websites

Another peek into my brain. These are the blogs and websites I frequent. I used to read more. Some are no longer life relevant (ex. psychotherapy) and others are blogs that haven't posted in a while. At this moment, here's what's left. No need to mention Facebook, although I just did.

New addition to the list:
Thailand!  - A former student's blog about her new life in, you guessed it, Thailand. I am so proud.

Post Secret - Simply fascinating. It's updated every Sunday with secrets that folks put on postcards and mail in. 

Spark People - My favorite fitness website. It's comprehensive and FREE. The link goes to my page.

Buddhism Now - Uhh...it's about Buddhism.

Yoga Today - Uhh..it's about yoga. I have the free membership and get a new streamed class weekly. In order to download, you have to pay. 

LinkedIn - The best professional social network out there. This is where you should be when at work, not Facebook

Pandora - My favorite music site. I get to set my own "stations". If you know of one better, let me know.

No Meat Athlete - My new favorite! I'm a vegetarian and I'm working on my fitness. A match made in heaven. While it's geared towards runners, there's tons of great info for all athletes. And I'm an athlete, dammit! (If you're an omnivore athlete, there's stuff for you too)

Sometimes I catch the news at NY Times, my local NBC affiliate, or CNN (rare these days). I mostly listen to NPR on the way to work.

That is all. Until there's something else.