Why The Daily Word?

Over the years, I have started and stopped writing more times than I can count. I thought having a blog would be the perfect way to "fix" that. All I did was transfer my inconsistent writing from my paper journal to the interwebs.

I recently have been pulled to write again. It's an interesting time in my life, as I am living trough a slew of simultaneous transitions. As always, the question of what to write about comes up. I don't want to create a bitch-fest blog, so I need some direction. I Googled "journal prompts" and nothing was sufficient. Then I decided to use title (or subtitle) of the Daily Word. I read it everyday as part of my morning routine. The topic/title is decided for me. It's one less thing to think about, yet how each post takes shape is up to me.

There may be times when I go rogue, but any title that comes from The Daily Word will include a link to that day's reading.